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Our Introduction

Who We Are And What We Do

Flowerhorn Pets Trading’s mission is to provide clients with superior quality interior design, installation, and maintenance through a professionally skilled, experienced staff utilizing the latest available technology in the industry. We strive to efficiently and successfully meet all the client's present and future needs. We deliver fresh flowers anywhere in the UAE and India.
Flowerhorn pets trading is specialized in undertaking indoor and outdoor plant maintenance, constructing and maintaining aquariums, providing and kinds of birds, cats, dogs, cages, food, and medicines for animals. Here at Flowerhorn pets trading, you are also able to find the special VASTU (FENG SHUI) fish as well.

We Specialize in constructing and maintaining aquariums.

We Undertake indoor & Outdoor plant maintenance.

Provide all kind of birds, cats, dogs, fish, animal cages, as well as food and medicine for all kind of pets.

Many people keep animals as pets for company. Pets are fun to spend time with, but taking care of them is also hard work. Pets need care and attention to keep them healthy, happy, and safe. They need healthy food; clean, freshwater; and a comfortable place to sleep. Most pets also require regular exercise to stay fit. It is important to find out all about an animal before deciding whether it will fit in well with you or your family. The most popular pets are cats and dogs. People also keep other animals as pets from snakes to insects.

Let Us Take Care Of Your Pets!